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BizTalk is a business radio show that airs weekly on 1040 WHO radio.  It is hosted by one of my business partners, Jim Lobaito, who is also the President of Performance Group.  He interviews contemporary business book authors and discusses topics primarily of interest to CEO's and owners relative to revenue growth and organizational leadership.  Many of his previous broadcasts are available as podcasts and the SalesQuickCoach newsletter is a valuable sales techniques weekly primer.



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One Social Media is a company that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses take advantage of the buzz that can be created within their unique marketplace using social media tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and even Facebook.  Joe Soto, the President, is a business partner of mine and is known nationwide for his expertise and training in this field.  Recently, he has been sharing the stage with Jeffry Gitomer in a national speaking tour.  Joe offers a number of educational videos and blog articles on the topic.


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